Preparing the home for optimum re-sale value

First things First –

  • Consult to assess needs and determine time frame

Preparation for Market –

  • Coordinate a meeting with realtor to discuss details
  • Sort all possessions to determine whether to keep, sell, donate or discard
  • Contact charitable organizations to arrange for pick up of items to donate (obtain tax deduction receipt)
  • Contact estate sale company to assess what items can be sold
  • Contact shredding company if needed
  • If home needs repair work, assisting in hiring of a painter, electrician, plumber, landscaper or house cleaner, and any other type of service provider if needed
  • Contact clean out company to remove unwanted items as well as assist with re-arranging furniture to enhance the look of the entire home
  • Coordinate movers if needed to put items into a storage unit

Packing –

  • Pack items you want to keep but not appropriate for staging home
  • Number each box and label indicating the items in box
  • Create box inventory list of items for new home and/or storage unit if needed

Final Stage –

  • Pick fresh flowers to put on the dining room table