Senior Moves Process

First Things First –

  • Consult to assess needs and determine the time frame
  • Create action step and target dates for the process
  • Contact moving company to request estimate and secure the date for move

Preparation for move –

  • If client is moving to a retirement community, coordinate the move date and with the community liaison concerning anything particular that arises concerning the client’s needs and wishes
  • Communicate with family members, attorneys, geriatric care managers, and anyone involved with the move.
  • Sort all possessions to determine whether to Keep, Give to Family and/or Friends, Sell, Donate or Discard
  • Contact charitable organizations to arrange for pick up of items to donate (obtain tax deduction receipt)
  • Contact estate sale company to assess what items can be sold
  • Contact shredding company if needed
  • Coordinate items if needed to be shipped out of state with a local shipping company.
  • Coordinate local deliveries if needed of items to be moved to family or friends.
  • Coordinate all aspects of the move with moving company
  • Shop for items needed for new home
  • Create floor plan if needed

Packing –

  • Pack items in appropriate box
  • Number each box and label indicating the items in box, and the destination to and from
  • Create box inventory list of items for new home and/or storage unit if needed
  • If move has multiple locations, create a color-coding system to ensure accuracy of deliveries

Settling in to New Home –

  • Oversee the move, ensuring the movers pack items to be moved, and load truck according to efficient and logical instructions.
  • Unpack and place items in agreed upon locations in new home
  • Plug in the phones, lamps and set the clocks
  • Make the bed
  • Hang the shower curtain
  • Place the clothing in appropriate closets and chest of drawers
  • Organize the bathrooms according to the client’s needs
  • Organize the kitchen cabinets with attention to every detail and preference that the client has communicated
  • Make sure furniture is placed appropriately for aging in place
  • Hang the artwork