Floor Plan

First things First –

  • Consult to assess needs
  • Schedule time to visit new home

Preparation for Floor Plan –

  • Measure all walls, including bump outs
  • Measure window width and heights plus any window sills that are not standard
  • Include closet door widths- plus anything that is not standard
  • Include any items existing on walls, heating, vents, electric panels, controls, slants, hot water tanks, etc.
  • Note electrical and cable outlets
  • Note floor covering; rug, wood or laminate
  • Note door swings/door types if not standard
  • If TV is being mounted on the wall, coordinate with building

Measure Furniture for New Home

  • Take photos of all furniture pieces for new floor plan
  • Enter the dimensions into furniture inventory list
  • Make note of item, width, depth, height, color, and any specific instructions/notes

Final Step –

  • Create floor plan options