Amy Roberts

Founder and Owner


    Amy, owner of Out of the Box Moves, understands the reality of what goes into a move, it can be emotional, stressful and overwhelming.  With over 19 years of experience working in the senior industry, Amy understands all aspects of transitioning from a life long home to a new residence. While working as a marketing director for a retirement community, she realized there were ways to make the transition process more efficient and caring. That is how Out of the Box Moves was born!

    She formed a team of caring professionals that can handle all aspects of the emotional and physical stresses of moving…and offered this team to everybody (not just seniors). The moving process has become a source of adrenaline for Amy. Each move provides different challenges and fulfillments.

    She is a proud graduate of University of Maine and lives in Belmont with her husband and two children. When she isn’t helping your moving process she enjoys skiing, hiking and biking at their home in Vermont.


    Fran Dale

    Operations Manager


      Fran’s 25 years of business experience in senior corporate positions, involving project management, strategic planning and problem solving has made her well-suited to being our Operations Manager. She and Amy have worked together for almost 12 years and share the same perspectives and goals. Fran is client-focused with a determination to ensure that all of the moves are well-planned, down to the tiniest detail, and that all of our clients are properly and happily settled in to their new home.



      kelley Kokoros

      Office Manager

        Maureen Bernsee

        Move Manager

          Paula Connelly

          Move Manager

            Karin Dussault

            Move Manager

              Cynthia Athy

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                Maureen Frohne

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